August 28th, 2007 + 7:08 PM  ·  adamlew

thanks a lot for stringbreaker the angelfire site is great:) i haven't checked out the wikipedia site yet.
gtr1960, that's an offer for lessons or something i'd like to learn how to play by myself with little hints from the internet, the site you gave me is just a promotion for lessons, i appreciate the help though
thanks a lot guys. i still can't get the bends though, i'm not even close haha
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August 28th, 2007 + 10:08 AM  ·  adamlew

well, i just started playing the harmonica a few days ago.. i want to learn more but i find it very difficult. if anyone plays harmonica here, feel free to share with the rest of us
anyway i have no clue how to bend notes.. i have a c harp and for some reason i also have a low d harp haha don't ask... anyway whoever is experienced with the harmonica please share with me, and whoever else is interested in this.. unless there is a different technique i should learn to play first... i know how to tongue block and lip block... i can play single notes.. uhm yeah that's pretty much it i've only been playing for 3 days or so..  i'd really like to learn how to play the blues on my harp.. but so far i know mary had a little lamb, oh susanna, and hey jude. any hints or help is greatly appreciated. thanks

Basic Recording Help

August 27th, 2007 + 5:08 PM  ·  adamlew

hello everyone, i'm kind of new around this community, so forgive me if a similar thread has been posted, i searched and couldn't find anything

i was just wondering how to record music. if you're willing to help out, assume i know nothing and have no gear (except a guitar, and amp of course). i would like to know how to record myself playing.. also if it's possible muck around with sound, add some effects, and maybe record rhythm and play over it? any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks in advance
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